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Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd

BSE Code : 532892 | NSE Symbol : MOTILALOFS | ISIN:INE338I01027| SECTOR: - |



2.70 (0.42%)

05-Jun-2023 EOD

/ Volume 280564
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Today’s High/Low 648.85 - 648.85

52 wk High/Low 832.25 - 550.75



2.65 (0.42%)

05-Jun-2023 EOD

/ Volume 280564
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Today’s High/Low 647.00 - 647.00

52 wk High/Low 848.60 - 551.25

Key Stats

MARKET CAP (RS CR) 9482.67
P/E 16.67
BOOK VALUE (RS) 301.0227257
DIV (%) 1000
EPS (TTM) 38.45
PRICE/BOOK 2.12924123422752
DIV YIELD.(%) 1.56

News & Announcements


Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd - Motilal Oswal Financial Services Limited - Other General Purpose


Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd - Motilal Oswal Financial Services Limited - Analysts/Institutional Investor Meet/Con. Call Updates


Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd - Motilal Oswal Financial Services Limited - Disclosure under SEBI Takeover Regulations


Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd - Motilal Oswal Financial Services Limited - Disclosure under SEBI Takeover Regulations


Board of Motilal Oswal Financial Services recommends Final Dividend


Motilal Oswal Financial Services grants 3.07 lakh stock options


Motilal Oswal Financial Services to table results


Board of Motilal Oswal Financial Services recommends Interim Dividend

Corporate Actions

Capital Structure
Book Closure
Board Meeting

Peers Comparsion

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Canopy Finance Ltd 539304
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CSL Finance Ltd 530067 CSLFINANCE
Cubical Financial Services Ltd 511710
Daga Leasing & Finance Ltd 509000
Dalal Street Investments Ltd 501148
Damania Capital Markets Ltd 511678 DAMANIACM
Darjeeling Ropeway Company Ltd 539770
Database Finance Ltd 532099
Daulat Securities Ltd 530171
Dazzel Confindive Ltd 531270
DB (International) Stock Brokers Ltd 530393 DBSTOCKBRO
DCL Finance Ltd (Wound-up) 511041
DCL Securities Ltd 512193
DCM Financial Services Ltd 511611 DCMFINSERV
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Dee Kartavya Finance Ltd 531826
Delphi World Money Ltd 533452 DELPHIFX
Delstar Commercial & Finance Ltd (Amalgamated) 512383
Delta Leasing & Finance Ltd 535486
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DGP Securities Ltd 509695
Dhani Loans & Services Ltd 535359 DHANILOANS
Dhani Services Ltd 532960 DHANI
Dhani Services Ltd Partly Paid Up 890145 DHANIPP
Dhanlaxmi Cotex Ltd 512485
Dhanlaxmi Lease Finance Ltd 531355
Dhanleela Investments & Trading Company Ltd 503637
Dharani Finance Ltd 511451
Dharni Capital Services Ltd 543753
Dhruva Capital Services Ltd 531237
Dhunseri Investments Ltd 533336 DHUNINV
Dhyana Finstock Ltd 538450
Disha Resources Ltd 531553
DJS Stock & Shares Ltd 511636
Dolat Algotech Ltd 505526 DOLATALGO
Dolphin Investments Ltd 503628
Dowell Leasing & Finance Ltd 509022
DSJ Finance Corporation Ltd 511405 DSJFINCORP
Dugar Finance India Ltd (Wound-up) 511126
Dwarkesh Finance Ltd 531877
Dynamic Archistructures Ltd 539681
Dynamic Portfolio Management & Services Ltd 530779
Dynasty Financial Corporation Ltd 507896
East India Securities Ltd 541053
Easun Capital Markets Ltd 542906
Easy Fincorp Ltd 511074
Econo Trade India Ltd 538708
Edelweiss Financial Services Ltd 532922 EDELWEISS
Efcon Securities Ltd 530659
Eicher Ltd(merged) 531835 EICHER
Ekam Leasing And Finance Co Ltd 530581
Elcid Investments Ltd 503681
Elcon Finlease & Industries Ltd 511167
Elgi Industrial Products Ltd (Merged) 500130
Elixir Capital Ltd 531278
Emerald Company Ltd 40635
Emerald Leasing Finance And Investment Co Ltd 538882
E-Metals India Ltd 531361
Emkay Global Financial Services Ltd 532737 EMKAY
Empire Finance Company Ltd (Merged) 511134
Emporis Projects Ltd 531470
Enarai Finance Ltd 507888 ENARAIFIN
Enbee Trade & Finance Ltd 512441
Equitas Holdings Ltd 539844 EQUITAS
Esaar (India) Ltd 531502
Escorp Asset Management Ltd 540455
Escorts Finance Ltd 511716 ESCORTSFIN
Esquire Money Guarantees Ltd 512439
Essar Securities Ltd 533149
Essar Teleholdings Ltd 523267
ETL Infrastructure Finance Ltd 531478
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Excellon Agencies Ltd 40625
Explicit Finance Ltd 530571
F Mec International Financial Services Ltd 539552
FCGL Industries Ltd(merged) 511744 FASTCAP
Fidelity Finance Ltd(wound-up) 511379
Finalysis Credit & Guarantee Company Ltd 531820
Financial & Management Services Ltd 40687
Finaventure Capital Ltd 512219
Finkurve Financial Services Ltd 508954
First Custodian Fund(I) Ltd 511122
First Financial Services Ltd 511369
First Leasing Company of India Ltd 500145 FIRSTLEASE
Five X Tradecom Ltd 536751
Five-Star Business Finance Ltd 543663 FIVESTAR
Flomic Global Logistics Ltd 504380
Florence Investech Ltd(Merged) 532518
Focus Business Solution Ltd 543312
Focus Industrial Resources Ltd 534757
Forward Securities Ltd 517047
Four Dimensions Securities (India) Ltd 512095
Franklin Leasing & Finance Ltd 539839
Frontier Capital Ltd 508980
Frontline Financial Services Ltd 531685
Frontline Securities Ltd 533213
Fruition Venture Ltd 538568
Fundviser Capital (India) Ltd 530197
Fusion Micro Finance Ltd 543652 FUSION
Futuristic Securities Ltd 523113
Futuristic Solutions Ltd 534063
G D Trading & Agencies Ltd 504346
G K Consultants Ltd 531758
G R Industries & Finance Ltd 40639
G S Raheja Finance & Investments Ltd 40734
GACM Technologies Ltd 531723 STAMPEDE
Gajanan Securities Services Ltd 538609
Galactico Corporate Services Ltd 542802
Galada Finance Ltd 538881
Gallops Enterprise Ltd 531902
Gandhinagar Leasing & Finance Ltd 511489
Ganesh Holdings Ltd 504397
Ganesh Lea-Finvest Ltd (Merged) 531177
Ganges Securities Ltd 540647 GANGESSECU
Ganipitak Yakshraj Caplease Ltd 511620
Garbi Finvest Ltd 539492
Garnet International Ltd 512493
Gateway Fincons India Ltd 40728
Gateway Holding & Trades Ltd 506154
Gazi Financial Services & Investments Ltd 530195
GCM Capital Advisors Ltd 538319
GCM Commodity & Derivatives Ltd 535917
GCM Securities Ltd 535431
GCV Services Ltd 531601
GDL Leasing & Finance Ltd 530855
GDR Media Ltd 531114
GE Capital Transportation Financial Services Ltd 500398 SRFFINANCE
Geefcee Finance Ltd 530389
Geetanjali Credit and Capital Ltd 539486
Gemstone Investments Ltd 531137
General Insurance Corporation of India 540755 GICRE
Geojit Financial Services Ltd 532285 GEOJITFSL
GFL Financials India Ltd 531055
Gilada Finance & Investments Ltd 538788
Glance Finance Ltd 531199
Global Capital Markets Ltd 530263
Global Finance & Securities Ltd 526963
Global Finance Corporation Ltd 511296
Global Infratech & Finance Ltd 531463
Global Securities Ltd 530657
Globe Stocks & Securities Ltd 531837
Godrich Finance and Securities Ltd 530089
Goenka Business & Finance Ltd 538787
Gogia Capital Services Ltd 531600
Gold Rock Investments Ltd 501111
Goldcrest Securities Ltd 530159
Golden Capital Services Ltd 539853
Golden Legand Leasing & Finance Ltd 509024
Goldline International Finvest Ltd 538180
Golechha Global Finance Ltd 531360
Goodearth Financial Services Ltd 531197
Gowra Leasing & Finance Ltd 530709
Goyal Associates Ltd 530663
Goyal Capital Ltd 40725
Green Mark Infra Ltd 531098
Greencrest Financial Services Ltd 531737
Grover Leasing Ltd 509087
GSB Finance Ltd 511543
GSL Securities Ltd 530469
Gujarat Arth Ltd 532058
Gujarat Credit Corporation Ltd 511441
Gujarat Fiscon Ltd 531984
Gujarat Investa Ltd 531341
Gujarat Lease Financing Ltd 500174 GLFL
Gujarat Project & Profins Ltd (Merged) 531108
Harisiddha Trading & Finance Pvt Ltd 512183
Harita Finance Ltd (Merged) 511226
Harmony Capital Services Ltd 530055
Harvest Financials Ltd (Wound-up) 511381
Harvic Management Services (India) Ltd 511613
Haryana Capfin Ltd 532855
Hasti Finance Ltd 531387
HB Leasing & Finance Co Ltd 508956
HB Portfolio Ltd 532333
HB Stockholdings Ltd 532216 HBSL
HDFC Asset Management Company Ltd 541729 HDFCAMC
HDFC Life Insurance Company Ltd 540777 HDFCLIFE
Healthy Investments Ltd 503689
Helpage Finlease Ltd 539174
Hem Holdings & Trading Ltd 505520
Hi-Klass Trading & Investment Ltd 542332
Himadri Credit & Finance Ltd 530397
Himatsingka Motor Works Ltd 509063
Himgiri Fincap Ltd 531827
Hind Securities & Credit Ltd 539114
Hindustan Financial Management Ltd 523044
Hindustan Finstock Ltd(wound-up) 530535
Home Trade Ltd 40663
Hope Leasing & Finance Ltd 523095
HRB Floriculture Ltd 531724
HSBC InvestDirect (India) Ltd 532653 HINVDIR
Hybrid Financial Services Ltd 500262 HYBRIDFIN
I K F Finance Ltd 530719
ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Ltd 540716 ICICIGI
ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company Ltd 540133 ICICIPRULI
ICICI Securities Ltd 541179 ISEC
ICP Securities Ltd 531606
IDFC Ltd 532659 IDFC
IFB Finance Ltd (Wound-up) 511385
IFB Venture Capital Finance Ltd 530301 IFBVENTUR
IFL Promoters Ltd 511682
IFSL Ltd 531998
IIFL Finance Ltd 532636 IIFL
IIFL Securities Ltd 542773 IIFLSEC
IL&FS Investment Managers Ltd 511208 IVC
IM+ Capitals Ltd 511628
IMC Finance Ltd 505539
Inani Securities Ltd 531672
Incap Financial Services Ltd 530887
Indbank Merchant Banking Services Ltd 511473 INDBANK
Indergiri Finance Ltd 531505
India Cements Capital Ltd 511355
India Finsec Ltd 535667
India Lease Development Ltd 500202 INDIALEASE
India Securities Ltd (Merged) 500204 INDIASEC
Indiabulls Financial Services Ltd(Merged) 532544 INDIABULLS
Indiaco Ventures Ltd 506131
Indian Infotech and Software Ltd 509051
Indian Seamless Financial Services Ltd (Merged) 523167 INDSEAMFIN
IndiaNivesh Ltd 501700
Inditrade Capital Ltd 532745
Indo Asia Finance Ltd 530747
Indo Credit Capital Ltd 526887
Indo Thai Securities Ltd 533676 INDOTHAI
Indo-City Infotech Ltd 532100
Indostar Capital Finance Ltd 541336 INDOSTAR
Indus Finance Ltd 531841
Industrial & Prudential Investment Company Ltd 501298
Industrial Investment Trust Ltd 501295 IITL
Innovassynth Investments Ltd 533315
Innoventive Venture Ltd 512375
Innovision E-Commerce Ltd 512447
Inox Leasing & Finance Ltd 532213
Insta Finance Ltd 511433
Intec Capital Ltd 526871
Integra Capital Management Ltd 531314
Integrated Enterprises (India) Pvt Ltd 511429 INTEGENT
Integrated Finance Company Ltd 511031 INTEGRFIN
Integrated Financial Services Ltd 500212
Intellivate Capital Ventures Ltd 506134
Inter Globe Finance Ltd 511391
Interface Financial Services Ltd 530519
International Securities Ltd 531007
Inventure Growth & Securities Ltd 533506 INVENTURE
ISF Ltd 526859
Ishwarshakti Holdings & Traders Ltd 506161
ISL Consulting Ltd 511609
ITC Classic Finance Ltd (Merged) 500088 ITCCLASSIC
ITL Finlease And Securities Ltd 531975
J A Finance Ltd 543860
J Bhasin Leasing Ltd 40224
J G Finance Ltd 530963
J J Finance Corporation Ltd 523062
J Taparia Projects Ltd 538539
J. K. Investo Trade (India) Ltd 506515
Jackson Investments Ltd 538422
Jacqart Financial Services Ltd 512239
Jafferson Leasing & Finance Ltd 509030
Jagsonpal Finance & Leasing Ltd 530601
Jahanri Trades & Finance Ltd (Merged) 512111
Jaimatadi Finance Company Ltd 40738
Jalaveg Investment & Trading Company Ltd 506112
Jatayu Textiles & Industries Ltd 506174
Jay Energy & S Energies Ltd 526523
Jay Finlease And Management Services Ltd 530607
Jayabharat Credit Ltd 501311
Jayant (India) Ltd 40634
Jayant Mercantile Co. Ltd 512129
Jenson & Nicholson Financial Services Ltd(wound-up 511373
Jhaveri Credits & Capital Ltd 531550
Jindal Capital Ltd 530405
Jindal Leasefin Ltd 539947
Jindal Photo Ltd 532624 JINDALPHOT
Jindal Poly Investment & Finance Company Ltd 536773 JPOLYINVST
JM Financial Credit Solutions Ltd 508815
JM Financial Ltd 523405 JMFINANCIL
JMJ Fintech Ltd 538834
Joindre Capital Services Ltd 531861
JPT Securities Ltd 530985
JSW Holdings Ltd 532642 JSWHL
Jumbo Finance Ltd 511060
Jupiter Industries & Leasing Ltd 507987
Jyot International Marketing Ltd 542544
K K Fincorp Ltd 503669
K Z Leasing & Finance Ltd 511728
Kailash Auto Finance Ltd 511357
Kajal Synthetics & Silk Mills Ltd 512147
Kalyan Capitals Ltd 538778
Kalyani Investment Company Ltd 533302 KICL
Kama Holdings Ltd 532468
Kamal Overseas Ltd 531850 KAMALOVER
Kampani Consultants Limitd 508853
Kanumanek Trading Company Ltd 504343
Kanungo Financiers Ltd 540515
Kanva Finance Ltd 530647
Kapil Raj Finance Ltd 539679
Karamchand Thapar & Brothers Ltd 40436
Karan Finance Ltd 530277
Karnataka Financial Services Ltd(liquidated) 530481
Karnavati Finance Ltd 538928
Kartik Investments Trust Ltd 501151
Karwa Securities Ltd 40739
Kashyap Fiscal Services Ltd 531087
Kasturi Finlease & Investment Ltd (Merged) 511748
Kaushambhi Finvest-Lease Company Ltd 40753
KBS India Ltd 530357
KCCL Plastic Ltd 526067
KCS Financial Services Ltd 532006
KD Leisures Ltd 540385
Kelvin Fincap Ltd 512113
KEN Financial Services Ltd 530547
Key Corp Ltd 507948
Keynote Financial Services Ltd 512597 KEYFINSERV
Khaitan Overseas and Finance Ltd 523131
Khandwala Securities Ltd 531892 KHANDSE
Khemsons Global Ltd 531116
Kiduja India Ltd 507946
KIEV Finance Ltd 511547
KIFS Financial Services Ltd 535566
Kinetic Capital Finance Ltd (Merged) 511467
Kinetic Trust Ltd 531274
Kinjal Finance Ltd 511583
Kiran Vyapar Ltd 537750
Kirloskar Brothers Investments Ltd 533297 KBIL
Kirloskar Industries Ltd 500243 KIRLOSIND
Kirloskar Investments & Finance Ltd 511274
Kirloskar Leasing & Finance Ltd (Merged) 511120 KIRLOSINV
Kirti Investment Ltd 501318
Kirtimoya Capital Ltd 508937
KJMC Corporate Advisors (India) Ltd 532304
KJMC Financial Services Ltd 530235 KJMCFIN
KLG Capital Services Ltd 530771
KM Capital Ltd 530327
KMF Ltd 511270 KMF
Kojam Fininvest Ltd(merged) 532536 KOJAMFIN
Konark Commerce & Industries Ltd 40624
Koratla Leasefin India Ltd 531244
Kothari Orient Finance Ltd 40117
Kothari World Finance Ltd 511138
Kovalam Investment & Trading Co. Ltd 505585
Kreon Finnancial Services Ltd 530139
Kriptol Industries Ltd 526753
Krishana Fabrics Ltd 539446
Krishna Capital & Securities Ltd 539384
Kshitij Investments Ltd 503626
Kuber Auto General Finance & Leasing Ltd 511762
Kuber Udyog Ltd 539408
Kumbhat Financial Services Ltd 526869
Kwality Credit & Leasing Ltd 531206
L&T Finance Holdings Ltd 533519 L&TFH
Ladderup Finance Ltd 530577
Lakshmi Finance & Industrial Corporation Ltd 532562 LFIC
Lakshmi Trade Credits Ltd 512537
Lalbhai Finance Ltd (Wound Up) 511529
Lanzorate Finance (India) Ltd 40704
Latent Light Finance Ltd 539909
Lead Financial Services Ltd 531288
Leading Leasing Finance & Investment Company Ltd 540360
Leafin India Ltd 511214
Leasemen Fin-Invest (I) Ltd 40650
Leasing Finance India Ltd 511417
Liberal Finlease Ltd 531103
Libord Finance Ltd 511593
Libord Securities Ltd 531027
Life Insurance Corporation of India 543526 LICI
Linear Industries Ltd 524103
Lintas Mercantile Ltd 531510
Liverpool Finance Ltd 531756
LKP Finance Ltd 507912 LKPMERFIN
LKP Securities Ltd 540192
Lloyds Finance Ltd 507870 LLOYDFIN
Lohia Securities Ltd 590082
LSK Finance And Allied Services Ltd 530987
Luharuka Media & Infra Ltd 512048
Lynx India Ltd (Wound-up) 512581
Lyons Corporate Market Ltd 531441
Lyons Industrial Enterprises Ltd 531880
M K Securities Ltd 531353
M Lakhamsi Industries Ltd 512153
M S Securities Ltd 531039
Maa Leafin & Capital Ltd 531792
Macro International Ltd 512600
Madhumilan Fincorp Ltd 526855
Madhur Capital & Finance Ltd 511638
Madhusudan Securities Ltd 511000
Madras Motor Finance & Guarantee Company Ltd 511055 MADRASMFIN
Magnanimous Trade & Finance Ltd 512377
Maha Rashtra Apex Corporation Ltd 523384 MAHAPEXLTD
Mahadev Corporation (India) Ltd 512539 MAHALEAS
Mahan Industries Ltd 531515
Mahanivesh (India) Ltd 530441
Maharashtra Scooters Ltd 500266 MAHSCOOTER
Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Ltd 532720 M&MFIN
Malabar Trading Company Ltd 501473
Manappuram Finance Ltd 531213 MANAPPURAM
Mandu Industries Ltd - Merged 531828 MANDUIND
Mangal Credit & Fincorp Ltd 505850
Mangal Finance Ltd 511666
Mangalam Industrial Finance Ltd 537800
Manglam India Ltd 40628
Manipal Finance Corporation Ltd 507938
Manoway Investments Pvt Ltd 503666
Mansi Finance (Chennai) Ltd 511758
Mansoon Trading Company Ltd 512303
Marg Techno-Projects Ltd 540254
Margo Finance Ltd 500206
Mark Leasing & Finance Ltd 40736
Market Creators Ltd 526891
Martin Burn Finance Ltd (Merged) 530851
Maruti Securities Ltd 531319
Marvel Web Solutions Ltd 530497
MAS Financial Services Ltd 540749 MASFIN
Mask Investments Ltd 538376 MASKINVEST
Master Trust Ltd 511768
Mathew Easow Research Securities Ltd 511688
Matra Realty Ltd 512167
Max Financial Services Ltd 500271 MFSL
Max India Ltd(Merged) 539981 MAXINDIA
Max Ventures and Industries Ltd 539940 MAXVIL
Mayar Finance Ltd (Merged) 511746
Mazda Industries Leasing Ltd 511045 MAZDALEASE
MCC Investment & Leasing Company Ltd 531725
McDowell Holdings Ltd 532852 MCDHOLDING
Meenakshi Steel Industries Ltd 512505
Mefcom Capital Markets Ltd 531176
Mega Corporation Ltd 531417
Mega Fin (India) Ltd 532105
Mehta Caplease Ltd 531576
Mehta Integrated Finance Ltd 511377
Mehta Securities Ltd 511738
Merbanc Financial Services Ltd 40397
Mercantile Credit Corporation Ltd (Merged) 40661
Mercard Ltd 511409
Mercury Fund Management Company Ltd 531732
Mercury Trade Links Ltd 512415
Merit Credit Corporation Ltd 40698
Merry Sharefin Ltd 511680
MGF (India) Ltd - Merged 40347
Microse India Ltd 523343
Mid East Portfolio Management Ltd 526251
Midwest India Industries Ltd (Wound-up) 508916
Milgrey Finance & Investments Ltd 511018
Minda Finance Ltd 539303
Mindvision Capital Ltd 530955
Minolta Finance Ltd 532164
Mishka Finance & Trading Ltd 512191
MKVentures Capital Ltd 514238
Model Financial Corporation Ltd 530877
Modern Engineering and Projects Ltd 539762
Modern Shares & Stockbrokers Ltd 509760
Modex International Securities Ltd 537092
Mohan Finance Ltd 40709
Monarch Networth Capital Ltd 511551 MONARCH
Money Masters Leasing & Finance Ltd 535910
Moneyboxx Finance Ltd 538446
Moneycare Finanz Ltd 511511
Monotype India Ltd 505343
Moongipa Capital Finance Ltd 530167
Morarka Finance Ltd 511549
Morgan Ventures Ltd 526237
Motor & General Finance Ltd 501343 MOTOGENFIN
Mount Everest Trading & Investment Ltd(merged) 532724
MPIL Corporation Ltd 500450 MATHPLATT
Mrugesh Trading Ltd 512065
Mudit Finlease Ltd 531919
Mudra Financial Services Ltd 539819
Mufin Green Finance Ltd 542774
Mukesh Babu Financial Services Ltd 530341
Mukunda Industrial Finance Ltd 530329
Multiplus Holdings Ltd 505594
Multiplus Resources Ltd 40651
Multipurpose Trading & Agencies Ltd 504356
Munoth Capital Markets Ltd 511200
Munoth Financial Services Ltd 531821
Murugappa Holdings Ltd 508184 PARRYAGRO
Muthoot Capital Services Ltd 511766 MUTHOOTCAP
Muthoot Finance Ltd 533398 MUTHOOTFIN
My Money Securities Ltd 538862
Naga Dhunseri Group Ltd 538369 NDGL
Nagarjuna Finance Ltd 506129 NAGARJUFIN
Nageshwar Investment Ltd 40626
Nagreeka Capital & Infrastructure Ltd 532895 NAGREEKCAP
Nahar Capital & Financial Services Ltd 532952 NAHARCAP
Nalin Lease Finance Ltd 531212
Nalwa Sons Investments Ltd 532256 NSIL
Nam Securities Ltd 538395
Natco Economicals Ltd 539595
Navigant Corporate Advisors Ltd 539521
Naysaa Securities Ltd 538668
NBI Industrial Finance Company Ltd 538388 NBIFIN
NCC Finance Ltd 531452
NCL Research and Financial Services Ltd 530557
NDA Securities Ltd 511535
Neil Industries Ltd 539016
Neotech Solutions & Securities Ltd 531951
Netflier Finco Ltd(merged) 532860 NETFINCO
New City Credit & Investments Ltd 503665
New India Assurance Company Ltd 540769 NIACL
Nicco Uco Alliance Credit Ltd 523209
Nidhi Granites Ltd 512103
Nidhi Polyester Ltd 506123
Nikki Global Finance Ltd 531272
Nilkanth Engineering Ltd 512004
Nippon Life India Asset Management Ltd 540767 NAM-INDIA
Nishtha Finance & Investment (India) Ltd 539311
Nisu Fincap Ltd 531669
Nivi Trading Ltd 512245
Niyogin Fintech Ltd 538772
Northern Project Ltd(Merged) 508924
Northlink Fiscal & Capital Services Ltd 539110
NPR Finance Ltd 530127
Numero Uno Finance Ltd 40740
Nu-Tech Corporate Services Ltd 526313
Oasis Cine Communication Ltd 40627
Oasis Media Matrix Ltd 531782
Oasis Securities Ltd 512489
Ocean Infrastructure Ltd 532086
Octal Credit Capital Ltd 538894
Octav Investments Ltd(merged) 533010 OCTAV
Odissi Securities Ltd (Merged) 526895
Odyssey Corporation Ltd 531996
Offshore Finvest Ltd 40644
Okara Leasing & Investment Ltd 512563
Olympia Capitals Ltd 511674
Olympic Management & Financial Services Ltd 511632
Om Sindhoori Capital Investments Ltd 530489
Onelife Capital Advisors Ltd 533632 ONELIFECAP
Onesource Ideas Venture Ltd 530805
Onida Finance Ltd 511555
Ontic Finserve Ltd 540386
Optimus Finance Ltd 531254
Orchid Securities Ltd 40640
Oriental Industrial Investment Corporation Ltd 501355
Oscar Investments Ltd 501179
Oseaspre Consultants Ltd 509782
Oswal Green Tech Ltd 539290 OSWALGREEN
Oswal Leasing Ltd 509099
Overseas Sanmar Financial Ltd (Merged) 532204 OVERSANMAR
P L Finance & Investment Ltd 511056
P. H. Capital Ltd 500143
Pacheli Industrial Finance Ltd 523862
Pacific Finstock Ltd 511686
Pagita Leasing & Finance Co Ltd 509007
Paisalo Digital Ltd 532900 PAISALO
PAL Credit & Capital Ltd 511306 PALCREDIT
Palash Securities Ltd 540648 PALASHSECU
Palaypu Financial & Investment Services Ltd 530189
Pan India Corporation Ltd 511525 SRGINFOTEC
Panafic Industrials Ltd 538860
Panther Industrial Products Ltd 524055
Paragon Finance Ltd 531255
Paramount Finco & Traders Ltd 40706
Parichay Investments Ltd 505525
Pariksha Fin-Invest-Lease Ltd 539481
Parsoli Corporation Ltd 530071
Pasupati Fincap Ltd 511734
Paul Merchants Ltd 539113
Pawansut Holdings Ltd 535658
Pennar Paterson Ltd 526213 PENAPATSEC
Peoples Investment Ltd 501144
Photon Capital Advisors Ltd 509084
PIH Finvest Co. Ltd 509830
Pilani Investment & Industries Corporation Ltd 539883 PILANIINVS
Pioneer Investcorp Ltd 507864
Piramal Enterprises Ltd 500302 PEL
Pittie Finance Ltd 512551 PITTIEFIN
Platinum Finance Ltd 511541
Plenty Valley Intra Ltd 40744
Plus Finance Ltd 531571
PMC Fincorp Ltd 534060
PNB Gilts Ltd 532366 PNBGILTS
PNC Capital Trust Ltd 531354
Pneumatic Holdings Ltd(Merged) 539347 PNEUMATIC
Polytex India Ltd 512481
Poonawalla Fincorp Ltd 524000 POONAWALLA
Prakash Leasing Ltd 523069
Pramada Finvest Ltd 531293
Praman Capital Market Services Ltd 530869
Precious Trading & Investments Ltd (Merged) 506107
Premium Capital Market & Investments Ltd 511660
Premium International Finance Ltd 511310
Presto Finance Ltd 531484
Prime Capital Market Ltd 535514
Prime Industries Ltd 519299
Prime Securities Ltd 500337 PRIMESECU
Prism Finance Ltd 531735
Prism Mercantile Company Ltd 512032
Pro Fin Capital Services Ltd 511557
Proaim Enterprises Ltd(Merged 512105
Prudent Corporate Advisory Services Ltd 543527 PRUDENT
Prudential Capital Market Ltd (Wound-up) 500341 PRUDENTCM
Prudential Stock & Securities Ltd 531710
Prudential Stock Broking Services Ltd 531468
PSL Financial Services Ltd 40654
PTC India Financial Services Ltd 533344 PFS
Pulsar International Ltd 512591
Punjab Lease Financing Ltd 531806
Purbasha Resources Ltd 40755
Purshottam Investofin Ltd 538647
Pyxis Finvest Ltd 534109
Qgo Finance Ltd 538646
Quality Synthetic Industries Ltd 40633
Quest Capital Markets Ltd 500069
Quest Financial Services Ltd 539962
R G F Capital Markets Ltd 539669
R R Financial Consultants Ltd 511626
R R Securities Ltd 530917
Raasi Leasing Ltd 507823
Radiant Financial Services Ltd 40667
Radico Khaitan Finance Ltd 511320
Rahil Investment & Finance Ltd 531311
Rai Investments Ltd 503683
Rajanarayan Financial Services Ltd 40726
Rajath Finance Ltd 507962
Rajkot Investment Trust Ltd 539495
Ramanuj Leasing Ltd 40721
Ramchandra Leasing and Finance Ltd 538540
Ramsons Projects Ltd 530925
Rane Holdings Ltd 505800 RANEHOLDIN
Ranjit Securities Ltd 531572
Rapid Investments Ltd 501351
Ratnabali Capital Markets Pvt Ltd 531391
Raunaq Finance Ltd 511599
Raval Finance Ltd 40702
Real Touch Finance Ltd. 538611
Realtime Finlease Ltd 531277
Regal Entertainment & Consultants Ltd 531033
Regency Fincorp Ltd 540175
Regency Trust Ltd 511585
Regis Industries Ltd 543208
Reliance Capital Ltd 500111 RELCAPITAL
Reliance Capital Ventures Ltd(merged) 532703 RCAPVL
Relic Technologies Ltd 511712
Religare Enterprises Ltd 532915 RELIGARE
Remi Securities Ltd 511149
RFL International Ltd 531646
Rich Gold Finance and Securities Ltd 531629
Richfield Financial Services Ltd 539435
Rishab Financial Services Ltd 531218
Rita Finance and Leasing Ltd 543256
RMB Financial Services Ltd 40713
Rockland Leasing Ltd 523179
Rockon Enterprises Ltd(Merged) 531447
Rohan Finance & Securities Ltd 40632
Rose Investments Ltd 501154
Roselabs Finance Ltd 531324
Rossel Finance Ltd (Liquidated) 511036
RSD Finance Ltd 539875
Rushabh Capital & Financial Services Ltd 511469
Rusoday & Company Ltd 512353
Rusoday Securities Ltd 531691
S A Portfolio Ltd 40290
S I Capital & Financial Services Ltd 530907
S P Capital Financing Ltd 530289
S P Finance & Trading Ltd 504362
S P Investrade (India) Ltd 512255
S R G Securities Finance Ltd 536710
S T Services Ltd 538876
Safal Securities Ltd 531448
Sagar International Ltd 40648
Sagar Systech Ltd 511254
Sai Baba Investment and Commercial Enterprises Ltd 538557
Sai Capital Ltd 531931
Sai Industries Ltd 530905
Sai Jeevadhara Finance Ltd 511403
Sainik Finance & Industries Ltd 530265
Sakthi Finance Ltd 511066 SAKTHIFIN
Salem Erode Investments Ltd 540181
Samarth International Finlease Ltd 530485
Sampada Chemicals Ltd 506172
Sampark Trading & Finance Ltd 512419
Sam-Tul Investments Ltd 505511
Sanchay Finvest Ltd 511563
Sanchna Trading & Finance Ltd 512125
Sanghi Corporate Services Ltd 511640
Sanmac Motor Finance Ltd (Wound-up) 511335
Santosh Industries Ltd 540822
Sapan Chemicals Ltd 531781
Saraswati Commercial (India) Ltd 512020
Sarla Credit and Securities Ltd 511513
Sarthak Global Ltd 530993
Sarthak Securities Ltd 530181
Sarvottam Finvest Ltd 539124
Sastasundar Ventures Ltd 533259 SASTASUNDR
Satin Creditcare Network Ltd 539404 SATIN
Satin Creditcare Network Ltd Partly Paidup 890149 SATINPP1
Satkar Finlease Ltd 536592
Satya Miners & Transporters Ltd 537068
Satyam Silk Mills Ltd 503893
Saumya Capital Ltd 531160
Saumya Consultants Ltd 539218
Savani Financials Ltd 511577
SBI Cards & Payment Services Ltd 543066 SBICARD
SBI Life Insurance Company Ltd 540719 SBILIFE
Schematic Finance Ltd 511425
SCIL Ventures Ltd 530269
Scintilla Commercial & Credit Ltd 538857
Seagull Leafin Ltd 531690
Sellwin Traders Ltd 538875
Sera Investments & Finance India Ltd 512399
Seven Hill Industries Ltd 511760
SG Finserve Ltd 539199
Shalibhadra Finance Ltd 511754
Shalimar Agencies Ltd 539895
Shardaraj Tradefin Ltd 40653
Shardul Securities Ltd 512393 SHRIYAMSEC
Share India Securities Ltd 540725 SHAREINDIA
Sharp Investments Ltd 538212
Shashank Traders Ltd 540221
Shasun Finance Ltd 40219
Shell Mercantile Corporation Ltd 531770
Sheraton Properties & Finance Ltd 512367
Shikhar Consultants Ltd 526883
Shikhar Leasing & Trading Ltd 507952
Shiv Kamal Impex Ltd 539683
Shiv Om Invesment & Consultancy Ltd 539833
Shivansh Finserve Ltd 539593
Shoppers Investment & Finance Co Ltd 511180 SHOPINVFIN
Shrachi Infrastructure Finance Ltd(merged) 511591
Shree Araveli Finlease Ltd 526943
Shree Bhawani Investment & Trading Co Ltd 40192
Shree Bhikshu Foundation Ltd 511704
Shree Mahaganga Sugar Mills Ltd 530835
Shree Nidhi Trading Company Ltd 540253
Shree Rang Mark Travels Ltd 531149
Shree Rani Sati Investment And Finance Ltd 501267
Shree Salasar Investments Ltd 503635
Shree Securities Ltd 538975
Shreekrishna Biotech Ltd 505592
Shreenath Investment Company Ltd 503696
Shreevatsaa Finance & Leasing Ltd 532007
Shri Kalyan Holdings Ltd 532083
Shri Niwas Leasing & Finance Ltd 538897
Shriram Asset Management Co Ltd 531359
Shriram City Union Finance Ltd 532498 SHRIRAMCIT
Shriram Finance Ltd 511218 SHRIRAMFIN
Shriram Investments Ltd(merged) 511164 SHRIRAMINV
Shriram Overseas Finance Ltd(merged) 530515
Shukla Data Technics Ltd 511471
Shyamal Holdings & Trading Ltd 505529
Shyamkamal Investments Ltd 505515
Sibar Finance Ltd 40266
Siddha Ventures Ltd 530439
Sidh Automobiles Ltd 539983
Siel Financial Services Ltd 532217
Sigrun Holdings Ltd 531863
SIL Investments Ltd 521194 SILINV
Silicon Valley Infotech Ltd 531738 PRASGLOFIN
Simandhar Finance Ltd 40727
Simco Trading & Finance Company Ltd 512223
Simplex Trading & Agencies Ltd 504382
Sirhind Steel Ltd 530593
Sita Enterprises Ltd 512589
SKP Securities Ltd 531169
SM Finance Ltd 511318 SMFINANC
Smart Finsec Ltd 539494
Smartlink Holdings Ltd 532419 SMARTLINK
SMC Credits Ltd 532138
SMC Global Securities Ltd 543263 SMCGLOBAL
SMIFS Capital Markets Ltd 508905
Softrak Venture Investment Ltd 531529
Solitaire Investments Company Ltd 503693
Som Datt Finance Corporation Ltd 511571 SOMDUTTFIN
Sonal Mercantile Ltd 538943
Source Financial Services Ltd 511569
South Asia Financial Exchange Ltd 511158
Southpole Securities Ltd 530385
SPA Capital Services Ltd 542376
Spandana Sphoorty Financial Ltd 542759 SPANDANA
Sparkling (India) Finshares Ltd 540211
Speedage Commercials Ltd 512291
SPIL Finance Ltd 531117
SPS Finquest Ltd 538402
SREI Infrastructure Finance Ltd 523756 SREINFRA
Srestha Finvest Ltd 539217
Sri Amarnath Finance Ltd 538863
Sri Chakra Financial Services Ltd 507920
SRS Finance Ltd 536799
SSK Fiscal Services Ltd 531184
SSL (India) Ltd 511515
SSPN Finance Ltd 539026
Stampede Capital Ltd-DVR 570005 SCAPDVR
Standard Capital Markets Ltd 511700
Standard Equity Fund Ltd (Merged) 507809
Standard Organics Ltd (Merged) 507775
Stanrose Mafatlal Investment & Finance Ltd 506105
Star Health & Allied Insurance Company Ltd 543412 STARHEALTH
Starteck Finance Ltd 512381 STARTECK
Steel City Securities Ltd 538404 STEELCITY
STEL Holdings Ltd 533316 STEL
Stellant Securities (India) Ltd 526071
Stellar Capital Services Ltd 536738
Step Two Corporation Ltd 531509
Stephanotis Finance Ltd 512215
Sterling Guaranty & Finance Ltd 508963
Sterling Holiday Financial Services Ltd 500466
Subway Finance And Investment Company Ltd 511024
Suchitra Finance & Trading Company Ltd 538714
Sugal & Damani Share Brokers Ltd 511654
Sujala Trading & Holdings Ltd 539117
Sujan Trading & Finance Co Ltd 532170
Sulabh Engineers & Services Ltd 508969
Sumedha Fiscal Services Ltd 530419
Summit Securities Ltd 533306 SUMMITSEC
Summit Securities Ltd(merged) 504807 SUMMIT
Sun Infoways Ltd 531707
Sunbright Stock Broking Ltd 530763
Sundaram Finance Holdings Ltd 535060 SUNDARMHLD
Sundaram Finance Ltd 590071 SUNDARMFIN
Sunflex Finance & Investments Ltd 505541
Sungold Capital Ltd 531433
Sunrise Industrial Traders Ltd 501110
Sunshine Capital Ltd 539574
Superior Finlease Ltd 539835
Superspace Infrastructure Ltd 512311
Superstar Leafin Ltd 40710
Supra Pacific Management Consultancy Ltd 540168
Suraj Holdings Ltd 530227
Suraj Securities and Finance Ltd 511517
Suraj Stone Corporation Ltd 531545
Surya India Ltd 539253
Suryodaya Investment & Trading Co. Ltd 501178
Sushant Capitals Ltd (Wound-up) 530123
Suvridhi Financial Services Ltd 40340
SW Investments Ltd 503659
Swarna Securities Ltd 531003
Swastik Safe Deposit & Investments Ltd 501386
Swastik Securities & Finance Ltd 40631
Swastika Investmart Ltd 530585
Synergy Financial Exchange Ltd (Liquidated) 511347
Systel Infotech Ltd 531418
Systematix Corporate Services Ltd 526506
Systematix Securities Ltd 531432
T T Finance Ltd (Merged) 511565
Tamboli Capital Ltd 533170
Tamil Nadu Finance Ltd 40418
Tashi India Ltd 512271
Tata Finance Ltd(Merged) 511231 TATAFIN
Tata Investment Corporation Ltd 501301 TATAINVEST
TCFC Finance Ltd 532284
TCI Finance Ltd 501242 TCIFINANCE
Thapar Finance Ltd 511487
The Investment Trust of India Ltd 530023 THEINVEST
Thirani Projects Ltd 538464
Thirdwave Financial Intermediaries Ltd 531652
Times Guaranty Ltd 511559 TIMESGTY
Tinna Finex Ltd 532192
Tirupati Fincorp Ltd 539008
Tirupati Fin-Lease Ltd 539488
Titan Securities Ltd 530045
Titan Trading and Agencies Ltd 504353
Tokyo Finance Ltd 531644
Toplight Commercial Ltd 40630
Transwarranty Finance Ltd 532812 TFL
Transwarranty Finance Ltd Partly Paidup 890177 TFLPP
Tridev InfraEstates Ltd 531568
Triliance Polymers Ltd 509046
Trimurthi Ltd 536565
Trinity Biotech Ltd 530573
Trinity League India Ltd 531846
Trishakti Electronics & Industries Ltd 531279
Triumph International Finance India Ltd 532131
TruCap Finance Ltd 540268 TRU
TSL Industries Ltd 531659
TTI Enterprise Ltd 538597
Tulip Finance Ltd 511521
Tulsi Capital Market Ltd 40642
TVS Lakshmi Credit Ltd (Merged) 511202
Twenty First Century Management Services Ltd 526921 21STCENMGM
Typhoon Financial Services Ltd 539468
U. Y. Fincorp Ltd 530579
Ucil Leasing Ltd 511343
Ugro Capital Ltd 511742 UGROCAP
Ujjivan Financial Services Ltd 539874 UJJIVAN
Unifinz Capital India Ltd 541358
Unijolly Investments Company Ltd 503671
Unishire Urban Infra Ltd 537582
Unisys Software and Holding Industries Ltd 531831
United Credit Financial Services Ltd (Merged) 511461
United Credit Ltd 531091
Universal Credit & Securities Ltd 531963
Universal Multimedia Ltd 531607
Unno Industries Ltd 519273
Uno Metals Ltd 40647
Upsurge Investment & Finance Ltd 531390
Ushakiran Finance Ltd 511507
UTI Asset Management Company Ltd 543238 UTIAMC
Utique Enterprises Ltd 500014 APPLEIND
V B Desai Financial Services Ltd 511110 VBDESAIFIN
Vaarad Ventures Ltd 532320
Vadilal Financial Services Ltd (Merged) 526939
Valley Magnesite Company Ltd 539543
Valour Construction Ltd 40621
Vani Commercials Ltd 538918
Vardhan Capital & Finance Ltd 542931
Vardhan Ltd 40696
Vardhman Holdings Ltd 500439 VHL
Vatsa Corporations Ltd 511371 VATSALTD
Vatsa Educations Ltd 512205
Vax Housing Finance Corporation Ltd 531650
VCK Capital Market Services Ltd 511493
Ventura Guaranty Ltd 512060
Vertex Securities Ltd 531950
VGP Finance Ltd 511445
Vibrant Global Capital Ltd 538732
Vijay Shanthi Finance Ltd 530597
Vijaya Commercial Credit Ltd 507869
Vijaya Leasing Ltd 511058
Vijayshree Capital & Finance Ltd 511646
Viji Finance Ltd 537820 VIJIFIN
Vikalp Securities Ltd 531334
Vinayak Vanijya Ltd 512517
Vintage Securities Ltd 531051
Vipul Securities Ltd 531697
Virat Leasing Ltd 539167
Visagar Financial Services Ltd 531025
Visco Trade Associates Ltd 540097
Vishvakirti Consultancy Ltd 511014
Vishvprabha Ventures Ltd 512064
Vishwamitra Financial Services Ltd 511361
VLS Finance Ltd 511333 VLSFINANCE
Volex Finance & Industries Ltd 507819
Volga Credit & Leasing Ltd 40712
Voltaire Leasing & Finance Ltd 509038
Vrundavan Securities Ltd 531970
Wagend Infra Venture Ltd 503675
Wall Street Housing & Finance Corporation Ltd 512389
Wallfort Financial Services Ltd 532053
Warner Multimedia Ltd 511690
Wealth First Portfolio Managers Ltd 532269 WEALTH
Welspun Investments & Commercials Ltd 533252 WELINV
West Leisure Resorts Ltd 538382
White Hall Commercial Company Ltd 512431
Williamson Financial Services Ltd 519214
Williamson Magor & Company Ltd 519224 WILLAMAGOR
Windsor Capital Market Ltd 508914
Winro Commercial (India) Ltd 512022
Winy Commercial & Fiscal Services Ltd 538873
Worldlink Finance Ltd 507926
Worth Investment & Trading Company Ltd 538451
WSFX Global Pay Ltd 511147
WW Technology Holdings Ltd 505583
Yamini Investment Company Ltd 511012
Yash Trading & Finance Ltd 512345
Yogi Ltd 511702
Yule Financing & Leasing Co Ltd 511495
Zen Global Finance Ltd 531721 ZENGLOBAL
Zenith Capitals Ltd 508900
Zillion Medicare (Exports) Ltd 512547
Zuari Forex Ltd (Merged) 530283

Share Holding

Category No. of shares Percentage
Total Foreign 10216340 6.91
Total Institutions 9294026 6.28
Total Govt Holding 0 0.00
Total Non Promoter Corporate Holding 1030524 0.70
Total Promoters 103087923 69.68
Total Public & others 24318313 16.44
Total 147947126 100
  • Total Foreign
  • Total Institutions
  • Total Govt Holding
  • Total Non Promoter Corporate Holding
  • Total Promoters
  • Total Public & others

About Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd

Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd (MOFSL) is a non-banking financial company (NBFC), registered under the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934. The Company offers a range of financial products and services such as stock broking, Private Wealth Management, Retail Broking and Distribution, Institutional Broking, Asset Management, Investment Banking, Private Equity, proprietary investments, Commodity Broking, Currency Broking and Home Finance. It has a diversified client base that includes retail customers (including High Net worth Individuals), mutual funds, foreign institutional investors, financial institutions and corporate clients. Motilal Oswal Financial Services is headquartered in Mumbai and as of 31 March 2022, it had a network spread over 550 cities and towns comprising 2500+ business locations and more than 9 lakh registered customers. MOFSL carries its lending business by running Loan against shares book and retail mortgage backed lending under the name of Aspire Home finance. Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd was incorporated on May 18, 2005 and received the certificate of commencement of business on June 3, 2005. The company was established to offer financial services and products. In the year 2006, Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd became a subsidiary of the company upon acquisition of shares of MOSL from the promoters Motilal Oswal and Raamdeo Agrawal and some members of promoter group. Also, Motilal Oswal Commodities Broker Pvt Ltd became a subsidiary of the company upon acquisition of shares from promoter. During the year, the company acquired Motilal Oswal Venture Capital Advisors Pvt Ltd and Motilal Oswal Investment Advisors Pvt Ltd from promoters Motilal Oswal and Raamdeo Agrawal and thus those companies became the subsidiaries of the company. Also, Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd acquired customer rights and other assets of Peninsular Capital Markets Limited, broking entity based in Kerala. During the year 2007-08, the company implemented a fully automated web-based back office application for mutual fund distribution, which can be accessed across the country. Also, Motilal Oswal Capital Markets Pvt. Ltd became the subsidiary of Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd and, in turn of the company. During the year, the company made an Initial Public Offer (IPO) of 2,982,710 equity shares of Rs 5 each in the price band of Rs 725 - Rs 825 per share. The issue constituted 10.50% of the paid-up share capital of the company. The Shares were allotted on September 5, 2007 and got listed on Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd and National Stock Exchange of India Ltd on September 11, 2007. During the year 2008-09, Antop Traders Pvt Ltd became the subsidiary of Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd and, in turn subsidiary of the company. Subsequent to the year-end, Motilal Oswal Insurance Brokers Pvt Ltd and Motilal Oswal Asset Management Company Ltd became the subsidiaries of the company. During the year, the company and Passionate Investment Management Pvt Ltd received in-principle approval from the Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI) for setting up a mutual fund business in India. During the year 2009-10, the company, jointly with their subsidiary Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd, acquired an office building at Prabhadevi in Mumbai for a consideration of Rs 164.58 crore. Also, Motilal Oswal Asset Management Company became 100% subsidiary of Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd, which is a subsidiary of the company. In 2010, Motilal Oswal Financial Services' DP assets crossed Rs 10000 crore mark. During the year, Motilal Oswal Asset Management Company launched its maiden mutual fund offering - India's first fundamentally enhanced ETF. In 2011, Motilal Oswal Financial Services group crossed Rs 1000 crore net worth mark. The group's network crossed more than 1,500 business locations and customer base crossed 7 lakh. Motilal Oswal Asset Management became India's first asset management company to ring the opening bell at NASDAQ Stock Market on 30 March 2011. The opening bell ringing heralds MOSt Shares NASDAQ 100, India's first US Equities based ETF tracking the NASDAQ-100 Index, listing on Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE). In 2016, Motilal Oswal Investment Advisors Pvt Ltd tied up with IMAP Advisors - one of the Top 6 Global M&A specialists, as their exclusive India partner. During the year, Motilal Oswal Asset Management Company crossed over 1 billion USD in equity mutual fund and PMS assets making it the fastest growing asset management company in the country. During the year, Aspire Home Finance cumulatively disbursed over Rs 1000 crore of loans to over 10,000 families. Aspire Home Finance is a housing finance company promoted by Motilal Oswal Financial Services Limited (MOFSL) and it is active in affordable housing space. On 3 October 2016, Motilal Oswal Asset Management India (MOAMC) announced that it would be expanding its footprints into international markets with the Motilal Oswal India Fund (MOIF). MOIF will give global institutional investors access to its Indian equity capabilities. The fund has received seed investments from offshore clients. In 2017, Motilal Oswal Asset Management crossed the milestone of US $2.5 billion equity assets under management. As of March 31, 2018, the Company had 18 subsidiaries (including step down subsidiaries). During the financial year ended 31 March 2018, Motilal Oswal Securities' (MOSL) broking business registered highest-ever annual revenue and crossed the milestone of Rs 1000 crore. During the year under review, the Board of Directors of the Company at its meeting held on November 04, 2017 had approved Scheme of Amalgamation of Motilal Oswal Securities Limited (Transferor Company/wholly owned subsidiary company) with Motilal Oswal Financial Services Limited (Transferee Company/the Company) and their respective shareholders. The Scheme was filed by the Company with the Hon'ble NCLT on November 29, 2017. Pursuant to Order dated December 22, 2017 passed by Hon'ble NCLT, the meeting of the Members of the Company was held on February 20, 2018, wherein the Scheme was approved by the Members. Further, the Members of the Company have provided their approval through Postal Ballot Process on February 19, 2018 for transferring the existing lending business of the Company to Motilal Oswal Capital Markets Limited (Erstwhile Motilal Oswal Capital Markets Private Limited) (MOCML), its wholly owned subsidiary, as a going concern via slump sale. Pursuant to Order dated July 30, 2018, the Hon'ble NCLT has approved the Scheme. Subsequently, the Board of the Company at its meeting held on August 21, 2018 has made the Scheme effective from the Said Date i.e. August 21, 2018. The Appointed Date for the Scheme is April 1, 2017. Pursuant to Regulation 16(1)(c) of Listing Regulations, Motilal Oswal Asset Management Company Limited (MOAMC) has become material subsidiary of the Company for FY 2017-18. Accordingly, the Company has three Material subsidiaries namely Motilal Oswal Securities Limited (MOSL), Aspire Home Finance Corporation Limited (AHFCL) and MOAMC as on March 31, 2018. As of March 31, 2019, the Company had 17 subsidiaries (including step down subsidiaries). During FY 2019, the Company added 1.5 lakh clients taking the total retail client base to ~12 lakh. Wealth Management AUM attracted assets with closing AUM for FY2019 at Rs 17,464 crores. It changed the name from 'Aspire Home Finance' to 'Motilal Oswal Home Finance' with effect from 28th May, 2019. AMC AUM, which includes MFs, PMS and AIFs stood at Rs. 38,893 crores at the end of FY 2019. It executed marquee transactions like acquisition of Aurangabad Electricals by Mahindra CIE. Fund III was launched in FY 2018 which, after exhausting its green-shoe option, stands fully raised at ~Rs. 2,300 crores. In the private equity business, the 4th real estate fund was launched with the target size of Rs. 1,200 crore and has made 2nd close at Rs. 850 crore. The Company had made an application for surrender of Certificate of Registration (CoR) with Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and transferred its lending business to Motilal Oswal Finvest Limited (erstwhile Motilal Oswal Capital Markets Limited) as a going concern via slump sale. The RBI vide its order dated March 14, 2019 approved the cancellation of CoR held by the Company. Further, subsequent to Scheme becoming effective, the Company is undertaking the broking business as its principal business activity. During the year 2019, the Company and MOSL has acquired 6,03,44,826 and 5,17,24,141 equity shares of Re.1/- each respectively of its subsidiary, Aspire Home Finance Corporation Limited (AHFCL). As of March 31, 2020, the Company had 19 subsidiaries (including step down subsidiaries). The Company incorporated wholly owned subsidiary namely Glide Tech Investment Advisory Private Limited (GTIAPL) at Mumbai on November 25, 2019 to provide registered investment advisory services through IT enabled platform. In FY 2020, the Company launched Index Funds in AMC. Wealth AUM stood at Rs. 15,624 crores as of March 2020. As of March, 2020, total quoted equity investments stood at Rs 1,220 crores. Unrealized gain on all investments was ~Rs 172 crores. It added 2.5 lakh clients taking the total Retail client base to ~14.5 lakh during FY 2020. As of March 31, 2021, the Company had 20 subsidiaries (including step down subsidiaries). In FY 2021, the Company incorporated subsidiary namely, TM Investment Technologies Private Limited (TMITPL) at Mumbai on July 24, 2020 to provide registered investment advisory services through IT enabled platform. During year 2020-21, the Company acquired 95,68,614 equity shares of face value of Rs. 10/- each of MOFL (Wholly Owned Subsidiary). Also, it acquired 30,00,000 equity shares of face value of Rs. 10/- each of Glide Tech Investment Advisory Private Limited (Wholly Owned Subsidiary). Company had made strategic allocation of capital to long term RoE enhancing opportunities like Motilal Oswal Home Finance Limited, and sponsor commitments to its mutual fund and private equity funds. As of March 2021, total quoted equity investments stood at Rs. 2,180 crores. It added around 6.2 lakh clients taking the total retail client base to ~19.7 lakh in FY 2021. Its financial product distribution AUM was Rs. 12,785 crores as of March 2021. As of March 31, 2022, the Company had 17 subsidiaries (including step down subsidiaries). To consolidate fund management business of the Group, demonstrating the Promoter Group's direct commitment etc., the Board of Directors of the Company on December 24, 2020 and Members of the Company on December 16, 2021, approved the Scheme of Arrangement between Passionate Investment Management Private Limited (PIMPL or the Transferor Company 1) and MOPE Investment Advisors Private Limited (MOPE or the Transferee Company 2 or the Demerged Company 1 or the Transferor Company 3) and Motilal Oswal Real Estate Investment Advisors Private Limited (MORE or the Transferor Company 2) and Motilal Oswal Real Estate Investment Advisors II Private Limited (MORE II or the Demerged Company 2 or the Transferor Company 4) and MO Alternate Investment Advisors Private Limited (erstwhile Motilal Oswal Fincap Private Limited) (MO Alternate or the Resulting Company) and Motilal Oswal Financial Services Limited (MOFSL or the Transferee Company 1 or the Holding Company of the Resulting Company or the Company) and their respective shareholders under Sections 230-232 of the Act. The Hon'ble NCLT vide its Order dated March 11, 2022 has approved the Scheme of Arrangement between Group Entities. Further, the Scheme was made effective from March 30, 2022, being the appointed date April 1, 2020. Further, pursuant to Corporate Restructuring of Group Entities under Scheme of Arrangement, the Company has allotted 8,82,42,508 Equity Shares to the shareholders of Transferor Companies i.e. Passionate Investment Management Private Limited (PIMPL), MOPE Investment Advisors Private Limited (MOPE) and Motilal Oswal Real Estate Investment Advisors II Private Limited (MORE II) as per the treatment provided in the Scheme. This includes cancellation of 8,63,74,063 Equity Shares held by PIMPL against issue of equal number of new Equity Shares of the Company to the shareholders of PIMPL and issue of 18,68,445 new Equity Shares of the Company to the shareholders of MOPE & MORE II. During year 2022, Company launched IBEF IV, the biggest PE fund, with a target size of Rs. 4,500 crore. Total 13 deals were executed in FY'22. It completed IPOs of Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC, Devyani International, GR Infraprojects and Metro Brands. Around 8.8 lakh new client were added taking the total client base to ~28.5 lakh. It completed QIPs of Restaurant Brands Asia, Union Bank of India, Mold-Tek Packaging and Gulshan Polyols. It added 4.8 lakh SIPs in FY 2022. It completed first Direct Assignment transaction. It joined hands with U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC), world's largest development finance institution for USD 50 million as a long term loan (for 15 years @ fixed ROI) under ECB route. It had 28.5 Lakhs retail broking and distribution clients growing at a CAGR of 28%. The Company had made strategic allocation of capital to long term RoE enhancing opportunities like Motilal Oswal Home Finance Limited, and sponsor commitments to its mutual fund and private equity funds. As of March 2022, the total quoted equity investments of the Company stood at Rs. 2,676 Crores. Its financial product distribution AUM was Rs 16,764 crores as of March 2022. It joined tie-ups with HDFC Life, ICICI Pru Life and Bajaj Life for life insurance products and Aditya Birla Health, Care Health and Star Health and Allied for health insurance products.