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Tata Consumer Products Ltd

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Key Stats

MARKET CAP (RS CR) 105388.29
P/E 94.62
BOOK VALUE (RS) 142.8027529
DIV (%) 775
EPS (TTM) 11.69
PRICE/BOOK 7.7452988653134
DIV YIELD.(%) 0.7

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Share Holding

Category No. of shares Percentage
Total Foreign 259786488 27.27
Total Institutions 165669059 17.39
Total Govt Holding 87970 0.01
Total Non Promoter Corporate Holding 12869152 1.35
Total Promoters 319629733 33.55
Total Public & others 194792414 20.44
Total 952834816 100
  • Total Foreign
  • Total Institutions
  • Total Govt Holding
  • Total Non Promoter Corporate Holding
  • Total Promoters
  • Total Public & others

About Tata Consumer Products Ltd

Tata Consumer Products Ltd. (formerly Tata Global Beverages Ltd) is the second-largest player in branded tea in the world. Tata Global Beverages focusses on branded natural beverages - tea, coffee and water. The company directly and through its subsidiaries and joint ventures owns a strong portfolio of brands, including Tata Tea, Tetley, Jemca, Vitax, Eight O'Clock Coffee, Himalayan, Grand Coffee and Joekels. Over 60% of Tata Global Beverages' consolidated revenue originates from markets outside India and more than 90% of turnover is from branded products. Tata Global Beverages has a joint venture with Starbucks called Tata Starbucks Limited, to own and operate Starbucks cafe in India. The company also has a joint venture with PepsiCo called NourishCo Beverages Ltd., which produces non-carbonated ready-to-drink beverages that focus on health and enhanced wellness. NourishCo produces and markets Tata Water Plus - India's first nutrient water, and Tata Gluco Plus - a healthy, glucose-based flavoured drink. Himalayan water is also marketed and distributed through NourishCo. Tata Global Beverages also has a presence in the high-growth contemporary 'single-serve' business in the USA through an agreement with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters' Keurig single-serve machines for Eight O'Clock Coffee, MAP Coffee, and with Tassimo in Canada for Tetley tea. Tata Global Beverages' tea extraction business is engaged in the manufacture and sale of instant black tea and instant green tea. These are crucial ingredient for ready to drink products such as iced tea, 3 in 1 teas, etc. Tata Global Beverages' subsidiary Tata Coffee is one of the largest integrated plantation companies in the world and one of India's largest exporters of instant coffee. Tata Global Beverages Ltd was incorporated in the year 1962 as Tata Finlay Ltd with technical and financial collaboration with James Finlay & Co. Ltd., Glasgow, U.K. The company entered into joint venture with James Finlay to develop value-added tea. In the year 1976, Tata Finlay took over the production and marketing operations of James Finlay. In the year 1983, James Finlay sold their shareholding in the company and Tata Tea was born. In the year 1987, the company set up as wholly owned subsidiary, Tata Tea Inc in USA. They took their brands to the global market in the 1990s and built Cochin Spices Centre during the year. In the year 1991, the company acquired 52.5% shareholding in Consolidated Coffee Ltd (now known as Tata Coffee Ltd.). Also, they set up a pilot plant at Munnar for the production of Button Mushrooms. In the year 1992, they entered into a joint venture in Sri Lanka and formed Estate Management Services (P) Ltd. Also, they established the International business division for consolidating their export operations and foraying into foreign operations. In the year 1993, the company entered into a joint venture alliance with Allied Lyons plc and established Tata Tetley Ltd. In the year 1996, the company acquired 51% shareholding in Watawala Plantations Ltd through their Lankan JVC. In the year 1997, they introduced 100 percent instant tea to the United States and launched their popular brand, Tata Tea Premium in the twin-cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. In the year 1998, the company introduced their new brand 'Agni' in the economy sector. In the year 2000, the company acquired the Tetley Group Ltd, UK. In the year 2004, Bambino Investment & Trading Company Ltd was amalgamated with the company. During the year 2004-05, erstwhile joint venture company, Tata Tetley Ltd became a wholly owned subsidiary company upon acquisition of entire shareholding by the company. In February 2005, the company transferred their business and undertakings of 16 tea estates in Munnar to Kannan Devan Hills Plantations Company Pvt Ltd, a newly formed company set up by the management and other categories of employees of these estates with effect from April 1, 2005. In October 2005, the company's subsidiary, Tetley US Holdings Ltd, USA acquired FMALI Herb Inc and Good Earth Corporation. In April 2006, Tetley acquired a leading tea company in Czechoslovakia. Also, Tata Tetley Ltd was amalgamated with the company with effect from April 1, 2005. Thus Tata Tetley Ltd became an unit of the company. During the year 2006-07, the company acquired 25% shareholding in Energy Brands Inc, USA through its overseas subsidiaries. Along with the company, Tata Sons Ltd also acquired a 5% stake in Energy Brands Inc, USA. During the year 2007-08, the company acquired the shares of Mount Everest Mineral Water Ltd at a price of Rs 140 per share. They entered into a joint venture agreement with The Zhejiang Tea Group for setting up a Green Tea Extracts and Polyphenol extraction unit in China. The company holds 70% stake in this joint venture company. In October 2007, the Tata group transferred their share holding in Energy Brands Inc, USA to the Coca Cola Company, USA for an aggregate consideration of USD 1.02 billion. In April 9, 2008, the High Court of Calcutta approved the reconstruction scheme of North India Plantation Division which takes effect from April 1, 2007. In terms of the scheme, the business and undertakings of 24 tea estates comprised in North India Plantation Division as well as other support and ancillary facilities as specified scheme stand and transferred to Amalgamated Plantations Pvt Ltd. In March 2009, the company forayed into the Rs 100 crore branded cold drinks market with the launch of TION, a tea and fruit-based cold beverage. During the year 2009-10, the company signed an MOU with Pepsi Co. Inc., USA for exploring the possibility of the formation of a Joint Venture in the area of non-carbonated ready-to-drink beverages, focused on health and enhanced wellness. They increased their stake in their subsidiary, Mount Everest Mineral Water Ltd from 35.99% to 40.92%. They launched new Jaago Re campaign - 'Aaj Se Khilana Bandh, Pilana Shuru'. During the year, Zhejiang Tata Tea Extraction Company Ltd, China, a joint venture partner commenced production of Green Tea Polyphenol, tea extracts, instant tea and other value added tea beverage products at their manufacturing unit in China. In September 2009, the company's subsidiary in the UK acquired a 51% stake along with the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development in the consolidated group of Suntyco Holding Ltd, providing the group a presence in the tea and coffee market in Russia. This acquisition also provides the Group with market access to a critical market like Russia. The name of the company was changed from Tata Tea Ltd to Tata Global Beverages Ltd with effect from July 2, 2010 in order to reflect the current nature of the company and their vision for the future. They launched their products in Saudi Arabia and also taking efforts to tap into beverages potential in the Middle East. During the year 2010-11, the company and PepsiCo India Holdings Pvt Ltd (PIH) formed a joint venture company, named NourishCo Beverages Ltd, in which the Company and PepsiCo each hold 50% of the equity capital. The vision of the joint venture is to develop the business in India and internationally focusing on health and wellness beverage products. The Group acquired 31% stake in The Rising Beverages Company LLC. Rising Beverages manufactures and markets a range of vitamin and flavour enhanced water using unique powder dispensing technology, under the 'Activate' brand. This acquisition would give us access to the functional water category which is one of the fastest growing beverage categories in the US. The company signed an MoU with Kerala Ayurveda Ltd to enter into a 50:50 joint venture for facilitating the development of a range of leading edge, functional and great tasting beverage and food products based on proven Ayurvedic recipes, actives and formulation with necessary research, development and commercialization capability. The definitive agreements are being finalised. The company together with their subsidiary, Tata Coffee Ltd, signed a non binding MoU with Starbucks Coffee Company. This MoU will create avenues of collaboration between the two companies for sourcing and roasting high quality green coffee beans in Tata Coffee's Coorg, India facility. In January 2012, the company entered into a joint venture with Starbucks group whereby, the newly formed joint venture company Tata Starbucks Ltd shall engage in the operation of Starbucks Cafes. Also, the company's overseas subsidiary made a financial investment in the equity capital of Bjets Pte Ltd, a Singapore based company engaged in the business of owning and operating private aircrafts. During 2013, the company inks pact with Tata Realty for development of property. The company awards Re-imagination scholarships Financial support for eight ''Urban Scholars'' at Brunel University in London. Starbucks Coffee Company and the company's subsidiary Tata Coffee Limited inaugurate roasting and packaging plant in Kushalnagar in Coorg, Karnataka. During 2014, the company which formed a Joint Venture with PepsiCo India, is contemplating introducing its nutrient water brand. The company acquires 100% stake in Australian firm during the year under review. Tata Starbucks Ventures into Chennai with 50:50 joint venture between Starbucks Coffee Company and Tata Global Beverages. The merger of Mount Everest Mineral Water with the company also got approval during the year. The company, on November 29, 2015 launched an Instant coffee product in the Indian market under the brand name Tata Coffee Grand'. The company also launched a new brand under its Tata Tea portfolio namely Tata Tea Fusion.On 1 March 2017, Tata Global Beverages (TGB) and Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. (Keurig) announced a multi-year expansion of their successful partnership for the manufacturing, sales, licensing and distribution of the Eight O'Clock coffee and Tetley tea brands in K-Cup pods for use in Keurig brewers. The renewed long-term agreement allows for the continued success for the brands through in-home and away-from-home channels, as well as on Keurig's consumer direct websites throughout the U.S. and Canada. Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. (Keurig) is a leader in specialty coffee and innovative single serve brewing systems. On 15 August 2017, Tata Global Beverages announced that its premium natural mineral water brand Himalayan' marketed by NourishCo Beverages Ltd. will now enter the USA market in a phased manner, through an agreement signed by its subsidiary with Talking Rain Beverage Company, the maker of Sparkling Ice flavored sparkling waters to distribute and market the brand. This agreement will give Himalayan the benefit of Talking Rain's extensive go to market and execution capabilities in the U.S, which synergize well with TGB's product expertise and marketing capability. NourishCo Beverages Ltd. is an equal joint venture between Tata Global Beverages Limited and PepsiCo India Holdings Private Limited. On 31 October 2017, Tata Global Beverages announced that it is evaluating the out of home beverage space with the pilot launch of its first tea caf Tata Cha. The first Tata Cha tea cafe is located at 12th Main Indiranagar, the heart of Bangalore. The company plans to test launch a total of four pilot stores to evaluate the consumer proposition and business model. Based on the outcome of the pilot, Tata Global Beverages will decide on future course of action for the out of home beverage space. On 10 September 2018, Tata Global Beverages (TGB) announced that as a result of a recent review, the company has restructured its international operations in order to unlock synergies for the business, optimize costs and streamline operations. The erstwhile EMEA (UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa) and CAA (Canada, Australia, and Americas) units of TGB have been merged into a single unit called the International Business Division, with experienced country heads in key markets, reporting into a single head, Adil Ahmad for the International Business Division. This will build greater alignment across the company and better cost efficiency. Separately, TGB has restructured its operating model in Russia; it has divested its stake in plantations in Sri Lanka and exited its joint venture business in China. The company has also identified back office processes in Human Resources, Finance and Operations, and outsourced the management of these back office processes to Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). These processes are now being handled from the TCS Development Centre in Kolkata. Pursuant to the Scheme of Arrangement amongst Tata Chemicals Limited and the Company and their respective shareholders and creditors under Sections 230 to 232 and other applicable provisions of the Companies Act, 2013 duly sanctioned by the Hon'ble National Company Law Tribunal, Kolkata and Mumbai Bench vide Orders dated 08 January 2020 and 10 January 2020 respectively, TCL demerged its Consumer Products Business and the same is vested with the Company with effect from Appointed Date i.e.01 April 2019. The Scheme came into effect on 07 February 2020. As per the provisions of the Scheme of Arrangement,the Company has issued and allotted 29,04,21,986 equity shares of Re. 1 each to the eligible shareholders of TCL who held shares as on Record Date i.e. as on 05 March 2020. The merger of the Consumer Products Business of Tata Chemicals Limited with the Company was completed in February 2020 and led to the renaming of the Company as Tata Consumer Products Limited with the goal of bringing together two complementary and individually successful businesses and lay the foundation for a fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) company. Pursuant to the Scheme, the name of the Company has becn changed from Tata Global Beverages Limited to Tata Consumer Products Limited on 10 February 2020. As on 31 March 2020, the Company has 39 subsidiaries,3 associates and 5 joint venture companies. In the last month of FY 2019-20, the business operations were impacted by the lockdown issued by the various governments across India as well as globe to arrest the growth of COVID-19 cases. As on 31 March 2021,the Company has 39 subsidiaries, 3 associates and 3 joint venture companies. During the FY2021, the Company acquired a 100% equity stake of Tata Consumer Soulfull Private Limited (formerly Kottaram Agro Foods Private Limited), which became a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company.NourishCo Beverages Limited, a 50:50 Joint Venture of the Company became a wholly-owned subsidiary in May 2020. Coffee Trade LLC, Russia, the Company's step-down subsidiary, was liquidated on 09 April 2020. Earth Rules Pty Ltd, Australia, an overseas step-down subsidiary of the Company, has sold its Coffee Business (through slump sale of assets), along with the contracts, assets and brands. The Company had also sold off its entire membership interest held in Empirical Group LLC, an overseas step-down subsidiary in USA and in Southern Tea, LLC, an overseas step-down joint venture company in USA, to Harris Tea Company LLC, company's partner in these entities, on 31 March 2021. The Company has two unlisted material subsidiaries incorporated outside India i.e. Tata Consumer Products GB Limited and Tata Consumer Products UK Group Limited. The Eight O'Clock Coffee Company Limited is an unlisted material subsidiary of Tata Coffee Limited, the listed subsidiary of the Company. TCPL received the award for Best Growth Performance -F&B at India's top 500 Companies 2021 conference by Dun & Bradstreet on the theme of Laying foundations for an ESG ready corporate India. Tata Consumer Products joined the coveted Leadership' category (BSE 100) Indian Corporate Governance Scorecard for displaying the highest standards of corporate governance. The Aurangabad packaging center won a bronze medal at National Awards for Manufacturing Competitiveness 2021 organized by International Research Institute for Manufacturing (IRIM). Tata Tea Kanan Devan won Gold for the best use of consumer insights & analytics at Indian Marketing Awards 2021. Tata Sampann won Silver in the Best Benchmark Content/ Branded Content category at Indian Digital marketing Awards (IDMA) 2021. Tata Gluco Plus won the Blue Elephant at Kyoorius Creative Awards 2021 in the Best Branding content for fiction films category. The Company has 42 subsidiaries, 3 joint ventures, and 2 associate companies as at March 31, 2022. During the year 2021-22, the Board has approved Composite Scheme of Arrangement amongst Company, Tata Coffee Limited (TCL), and TCPL Beverages & Foods Limited (TBFL) and their respective shareholders and creditors for (a) demerger of Plantation Business of TCL into TBFL, and in consideration, the Company (as holding company of TBFL) will issue 1 equity share of the Company for every 22 equity shares held by shareholders of TCL and (b) amalgamation of TCL [comprising Remaining Business of TCL with Company and in consideration, the Company will issue 14 equity shares of the Company for every 55 equity shares held by shareholders of TCL. On the Scheme becoming effective, shareholders of TCL will receive an aggregate of 3 equity shares of Company for every 10 equity shares held by them in TCL. During the year 2021-22, the Company acquired a 100% equity stake of Tata SmartFoodz Limited, India (TSFL) from Tata Industries Limited, and consequently, TSFL became a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company with effect from November 16, 2021. During the year 2021-22, the Company acquired shares held by the Tata Realty and Infrastructure Limited in TRILC and made the additional investment of TRILC. The Company's effective stake in TRILC thereafter increased from 48.40% to 80.46% resulting in TRILC becoming a subsidiary with effect from November 17, 2021. During the year 2021-22, TCPL Beverages & Foods Limited, India (TBFL) was incorporated on February 25, 2022, as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company. During the year 2023, the Company acquired an additional stake of 10.15% in Tata Consumer Products UK Group Limited, resultantly the entity and all its subsidiaries became wholly-owned subsidiaries of the Company with effect from October 21, 2022. During the year 2022-23, Tata Consumer Products Overseas Holdings Limited, a stepdown wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company, which held 50% share capital of Tetley ACI (Bangladesh) Limited, Bangladesh, together with Tata Consumer Products UK Group Limited (TCP UK) purchased remaining 50% share capital of Tetley ACI from the Joint-Venture partner - Advanced Chemical Industries Limited ('ACI'). As a result of the acquisition, Tetley ACI became a wholly-owned subsidiary of TCP UK and a step-down wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company with effect from February 9, 2023. During the year 2022-23, TCP Overseas, a stepdown wholly owned subsidiary of the Company through TCP UK (direct WOS), had purchased 23.3% of the share capital of Joekels Tea Packers (Proprietary) Limited, Republic of South Africa, from its Joint-Venture partners. As a result of such acquisition, the holding of TCP Overseas in Joekels increased from 51.7% to 75% of the equity share capital and the remaining 25% was held by the joint venture partners. During the year 2022-23, the Plantation Business of Tata Coffee Limited got demerged into TCPL Beverages & Foods Limited (TBFL) through Scheme of Demerger.

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