Why Comfort ?
Comfort securities Ltd. is a leading financial services organization. We have strong internal controls and risk management systems employed throughout the firm to assess and monitor risks across our various business lines. Our board of directors is there to monitor and manage risk at the firm level. Our risk management systems function through an independent department for accounts and operations and risk control software.
  • Trusted group: Part Of Comfort Group which has existence since 1994
  • An integrated financial services platform
  • Empowered people and strong "partnership" culture
  • Strong corporate and retail clientele relationship
  • Advanced risk management systems
  • Integrated Organizational Belief
  • All types of financial services under one roof
Director's Message
– "Our client's interest always comes first for us. We strongly believe in understanding clients need and delivering personalized services to fulfill their investment, trading and Expansion objectives. Ethical practices and transparency in all dealing, pre-eminence of customer interest, delivering on time and principally cost effective to deliver value for the money is paramount for us".

Registration Numbers- BSE : INB011285534 & INF011285534 & INE011285534, NSE: INB231285538 & INF231285538 & INE231285538, MCX : MCX/TCM/CORP/1574

                                Merchant Banking : INM000011328, MCX-SX : INE261285538, CDSL-DP : 12053700

MCX-SX : INE261285538, INB261285531, INF261285531

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