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Join us as a sub-broker and earn incentives and brokerage for your onboard customer

Fuel your success in the financial world – become our business partner with Comfort Securities, your trusted ally in stock broking, and embark on a journey of prosperity together.

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Comfort Securities a leading stock broking firm poised to redefine financial success. As our esteemed business partner, you'll gain access to a robust ecosystem of cutting-edge tools, comprehensive support, and lucrative opportunities. At Comfort Securities, we prioritize collaboration, transparency, and shared growth, ensuring that your journey in the world of stock broking is not just rewarding but also propelled by innovation. Join us in shaping the future of finance and unlocking new horizons together.

Why choose Us

Business Practices: At Comfort Securities, we prioritize the interests of our clients, adhering to transparent practices and regulatory directives to build trust and transparency.

Technology: Our customer-centric approach to technology has led to innovative backoffice for subbroker. With a fully automated, advanced risk-monitoring system and integrated back office support, we ensure seamless transactions for yourclients.

Research: In our information-driven industry, superior research sets us apart. We provide high-quality, in-depth research to empower our clients with valuable insights.

Training: We offer comprehensive training for our Business Partners and their staff at our nearest branch, ensuring they have the knowledge and skills needed to succeed.

Marketing Support: Partnering with us means access to marketing support, including client-level events and activities for your outlet. This enhances local visibility and allows you to leverage our strong brand presence for business development

Product Range

Stock Broking: Empower your clients with seamless access to the stock market across equity, derivative, currency, commodity & IPO through our robust stock broking platform.

Mutual Funds: Offer your clients a diverse range of investment opportunities with our carefully curated selection of mutual funds

Loans: Provide tailored financing solutions to meet the diverse needs of your clients with our comprehensive loan offerings

Bonds: Help your clients diversify their portfolios and achieve their financial goals with our range of bond investment options.

PMS (Portfolio Management Services): Elevate your clients' investment experience with personalized portfolio management strategies designed to maximize returns and minimize risk.


We offer a LESS INVESTMENT HIGH RETURN OPPORTUNITY that requires you to capitalise on your networking strength and knowledge of the trade. You just need to have a few basic qualifications to become a partner with COMFORT GROUP :

Minimum of 1-2 years of experience in dealing with financial products as a Main broker/ Sub broker/Remisier/Mutual fund distributor/Insurance Advisor/Financial planner or an employee of existing Broker/Sub-broker.

A Person (Individual – 18 years or above, Firm or Corporate) with a substantial client base and having a capacity to invest a nominal amount as Deposit and continue investing in people and infrastructure as per business need

30 +


10000 +


1700 Crore +

Customer Assets